Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Griffin {7 months}

Bring on the Kleenex.  You are seven months and such a bright star in my life.  It is so hard to have a bad day when you are in it. 

Your personality is continuing to shine and it is so much fun seeing you become your own little person.  You started mimicking people last month but this month you are doing it more and more.  You started "fake" coughing and you thought it was funny enough to do it all.the.time!  All the time!!  It is cute when you do it, but when you over do it you make yourself horse.

We celebrated your first Halloween and it was so fun to dress you for the occasion.  Mama decided it would be fun to make you an adorable scarecrow and I think you nail the adorable factor.

This month you were baptized into the Methodist church and it was such a special day. You had several family members come and be a part of your day and it was such a blessing to have them.  You wore your Dada's christening gown and you really worked the congregation with your smiles.  We are so proud of you.

You have finally mastered rolling from back to belly.  When I say you have mastered it I mean that you have learned to roll 2-3 times until you get to where you wanted to go.  You decided to do it for the first time when I was in another room and I was in shock when I first saw you.  Since you have learned to roll both ways,  you really prefer to be on your belly.  Who would of thought your Mama would ever say that.  You have realized that you can be more mobile on your belly and boy can you move. 

You haven't started crawling yet but I know we are going to be getting our daily exercise in when you do.  You are able to pivot yourself in a circle and it blows my mind how fast you go.  You have been showing interest in getting on your knees, but your not sure what to do when you get there.  No wonder you are sleeping so good right now. 

You have gone through the stage 1 veggies and you started stage 1 fruits.  So far you have eaten bananas, peaches, pears, plums, and apples.  You have enjoyed all of them and you hate it when they are gone.  I had to start feeding you your veggies and then give you the fruit for your dessert. 

We also introduced the sippy cup to you.  You haven't mastered it just yet but you've really enjoyed using it as teething toy.

Speaking of teething.  Your first tooth has finally poked through.  Finally!  You had a time with your tooth coming through and I really feel like you were not yourself for a week, but thankful that has pasted.

You are really strong in your midsection.  You are sitting up like a champ and really love playing with your toys that way. 

You said your first word.  It was Dada and I wasn't even mad.  You have been saying it for a week then out of the blue one morning you said it TO your Dada.  But believe me, I am still working on Mama.  You will get it I know.

This month you received your cranial band.  Mama tried her best to help with your "flat head" from day one, but we had to get your cranial band to start fixin' your flat.  As of right now, the doctor is saying that you will wear it for 6-8 weeks. 

We love you to the moon and back and we are so thankful to God that he allowed us to be your Mama and Dada. 

Here is a little progression picture over the past 7 months.

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