Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 12 Weight Loss Update

It has been 3 weeks since the last time I blogged about my weight loss. I have had positive and negative feedback on why I blog about this topic. Let me just say, I write this blog for me. If other people are able to enjoy it along with me, then I welcome that. I am still learning about my new lifestyle and it has become interesting to me.  I am by no means an "expert" on clean eating and working out.  I am not trying to be.  But I am enjoying what I am learning about just being a more healthy individual.  I enjoy being healthy. I enjoy the foods I eat. I enjoy sharing my new knowledge with other people. I enjoy making new recipes for my family without the calories/fat/salt/sugar. I enjoy that. Just like I enjoy writing a blog. I thought about not talking about it anymore, but I have decided to keep on keeping on. I write to keep myself in check.  Its therapy and motivation for me.   
So, 3 weeks ago I left you with this.
I started on May 16, 2012.

May 21- Down 7lbs
May 28- Down 4.5lbs (11.5 Total)
June 4- Down 2lbs (13.5 Total)
June 11- Down 3.5lbs (17.0 Total)
June 20- Down 1.5lbs (18.5 Total)
June 25- Down 2.5lbs (21 Total)
July 2- Down 0 (21 Total)
July 9- Down 2.5lbs (23.5 Total)
July 16- Down 0 (23.5 Total)
Now I can add
July 23- Down 1.5lbs (25 Total)
July 24- Down 1.5lbs (26.5 Total)
July 30- Down 1.5lbs (28 Total)
August 6- Down 0 (28 Total)
When I first started, my goal was 25 lbs. I am pleased that I have surpassed that with 12 weeks of hard work.  

May 16, 2012

August 1, 2012

Body Fat

Body Fat

16 inches

15 inches

24 inches
Muffin Top (Hips)

14 inches
Muffin Top (Hips)

30 inches

22 inches

19 inches

13 inches

Shoulders: -1.5 inches

Chest: -2 inches

Hips: -2 ¾ inches

Waist: -3 ¼ inches

Arms: -1/2 inch

Legs: - 1 ½ inches

Calf: -1/2 inch

 For the whole month of August I will be training myself. (My trainer went home to London to see some of the Olympic awesome!) By the time my trainer comes back into town, I will be leaving for a much needed Vacation. My workouts so far have been eating could be better. I slacked off and ate some bread and baked beans this past weekend. But it was soo soo yummy.

I was debating on if I should share my before and current picture.  I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet.  I am using this as motivation for me.  To know my journey is not done yet.  There are always going to be areas to improve.  This was me back in May right before I started and this is me now.  Yes, I am pleased where I am but there are other goals I want to achieve so I am not done yet!!   I have now set a second goal which I am 7.5lbs away from reaching.

Cheers to Eating Healthy!!


  1. Sydney: You will find in life there will always be those who criticize your personal decisions and find the negative instead of the positive....I applaud you for being so convicted to your personal goals! And you look great, too! I enjoy your blogs, by the way:) Teresa Taylor

  2. you are keeping me motivated :)!!! However, I am not brave enough to post before and after pictures :)!~

  3. Proud of you girl! Just dont forget ur beautiful in every way even with a few extra Lbs.

  4. Way to go!!!! Just starting to get back into exercising after having a baby 2 years ago...... Yikes!! About time huh! Keep blogging on this, it's motivation for me too!!! Here's to healthy living!!!