Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Is What We Make It

When I got married, I knew that Luke and I were going to find our own church to attend as a family. I was very apprehensive about leaving my home church just because it was what I knew and it was familiar to me. I knew everyone in the church and they were like family to me. Luke wanted a church that was close to home and that was a good church to raise children up in. I decided to become a member of the church that we were married in; Luke was already a member and I only had to transfer my membership. Our church has a wonderful pastor and we enjoy his message every Sunday.
Every Sunday the congregation has a meet and greet (welcoming) time where we say hello and good morning to our neighbors sitting around us. This past Sunday I was talking to Luke about how uncomfortable I was when it came to greeting our neighbors because I am a shy person by nature. I always wait for people to come say hello to me...I never make the first attempt to say hello.
Then the pastor started his sermon. He was out of town last Sunday and he visited with another church. He said that the entire time he was there, 4 people greeting him. Only 4, out of the entire congregation! I sat there thinking, "well that wasn't very Godly of church going people to not say hello to him." Then I started thinking more...I am like the other members of that church that did not say hello to him. Yes, I am a shy person but how hard is it to greet someone. Am I using being shy as an excuse? Maybe.
It made me think about the church I grew up in and all the members there that I love. If I made the effort to greet the members of the church where I attend now and get to know then, they will become familiar to me and become like family. If I made an effort to become more active in church I will get to know more people. If I attended Sunday School there I would get to know more people.
It is not the church's fault that I don't feel 100% comfortable. It is my fault for not knowing more members which in turn will make me more comfortable with my surroundings.
I do love my church. I love that I can go there with my husband and my in laws and worship God. I love the pastor there. His sermons are always so good. He always happens to preach on things that I need to hear. I just need to make my church experience what I want out of it. Its up to me to break out of this "shy" cycle and just get over it.
Daily Tidbits
- I have been eating orange Tic Tacs like they are going out of style.  This is my good to "treat" item when I need to fix my sweet tooth.
-I am doing my training and eating by myself all this month...Crazy I know.  Makes me nervous to do it on my own.
-Spent the weekend with family.  Saturday was shopping and lunch with mom.  Then mom and dad came over for dinner. Sunday was dinner with Luke and my in laws and Luke's grandparents.
-Baked spaghetti for dinner tonight.


  1. Great reminder. I struggle and have struggled with this forever... the battle of being shy and being willing to reach out. Aunt Karen used to take us to the nursing home when we were little kids and I used to be SO TERRIFIED of meeting all of the residents, and I remember even at that age she would stress to us the importance of making other people feel comfortable even when we were nervous and uncomfortable. It's amazing that over time as you battle that conflict internally but ask the Lord to help you reach out even when you feel uncomfortable, it gets easier to do so, and OTHERS feel more comfortable which puts you at ease. That's just been my experience, although it's still a struggle and something I need to work on myself!!

    You are a blessing and I just love you so much. So happy for your love for the Lord and desire to make Him a priority in your life and in your marriage. He's the glue... :) And He is so kind. AND SO KIND to give you to our family!!

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! And ps... you've always made me feel welcome and loved ever since I've known you. I think the Lord is using you to reach out more than you realize!

    Love you. :)

  2. Love this!!! If only more people would break out of their comfort zone then they would be able to really experience a whole new type of "church". I don't have any problem w/ being shy. 6 years of doing hair got me over that. My husband however is very shy. About a year ago he stepped over the comfort line and now stands up every Sunday to welcome everyone and says a prayer. Eek!! Not sure I could even pray in front of 300 + people. He's even preaching this coming week. He makes me proud!!