Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Home {Mudroom Inspiration}

Morning Friends.   It has been awhile since I've posted about the house.  Ever since we got the house in the dry things have been going at a snails pace.  As expected.  We knew the detail of the inside would take longer, so there hasn't been much to update as of late. 
I decided to go ahead and share some inspiration for different rooms in our home.  I think it will be fun to compare the end results and see how close I came.
Okay, so the mudroom.  We will use the mudroom entrance as our main way of coming in and out of the house.  It is more than just a laundry room but not a huge over sized mudroom. 
Laundry Room Inspiration
//One//  We built a pantry in our mudroom, but decided that we had enough room in our kitchen to add a pantry, so we are converting it into a bench. I like the open cubbies on top and bottom for shoes, baskets, etc.  The more storage the better.  Love that there is room for hooks for backpacks and coats too!
//Two//  I love this neutral folding hamper.  It will be a great catch all to put in the corner for clothes that are waiting to be separated.
//Three//  Now this is something that we already have.  It is a laundry sink from Aquatic.  It is a multipurpose laundry sink and it operates on an air bath system.  I will be able to use it for everyday use and be able to wash my dedicates in it with the air bubbles built in.  I am super excited about this little addition to our mudroom.
//Four// I bought this painting a few months ago from Hobby Lobby and I wanted the color scheme to incorporate the light blue from the hydrangeas.  I will certainly find a spot for this to hang as well.
//Five// I love for things to have their place.  Since our mudroom will house most, if not all of our cleaning supplies this is a great piece to keep our everyday cleaning items organized and within an arms reach, and I like the easy option of being able to carry it from room to room.
//Six// I love the character that these hooks can bring to any room.  Since we have hooks in our bench to house hats and coats, I figured this would be used as a drying area to hand clothes on.  I may hang some aprons on them as well.
//Seven// While looking through pictures, thank you Pinterest, I loved the look at these shelves over the washer/dryer.  It will be nice to have a lot of shelving for storage of laundry and cleaning items.  I don't prefer floating cabinets so I like how these actually sit on the counter top.  I like the different texture the wood panels give behind the cabinets, too.
How beautiful is that wood counter top?  In a perfect world I would love for us to have a piece of black walnut to balance off from our dark wood flooring.  I really feels like it makes the white cabinets pop too.
Right now our front loader washer/dryer are stacked, but we will be putting both on the floor and I like the idea of the pull our drawers in between the two.  I may use it to house laundry baskets, or may use them for more storage. 




  1. OMG that laundry sink is amazing! I need one asap. Good call on the hydrangeas.

  2. I love the bench in the entry way! Definitely useful! And I especially love that laundry room sink! How awesome!