Thursday, March 5, 2015

Griffin {10 months}

Maybe it is the fact that you have reached double digits.  Maybe it is the fact that I am seeing you grow so fast that I just want to keep you my baby forever.  But, nevertheless you are now 10 months old.

Your personality grows by the day and every time I blink you are doing something different.

You have started being shy around strangers but as soon as they start playing with your toys you go at them like a spider monkey and instantly become friends.  You are still learning to wave by flapping your whole arm.  We are working just waving with your hands and slowly showing you how to blow kisses.

You talk nonstop.  You love to talk during car rides and you seem to always be a chatter box after daycare.  I feel like you are telling me all about your day and the friends that you played with.  Speaking of talking, you now can say Dada, Mama, Bah(ball) and Papa.  Papa kind of came out of no where while we were with your Papa.  It was awesome hearing you say a new word.

You love to clap your hands and do it a lot during feeding time.  I think you get just as excited about food as your Dada.  This month you have learned to click your tongue and you love to smack your lips while eating. 

Speaking of eating, you have became a picky eater.   We have started feeding you what we eat 90% of the time and it has seemed to help a little by giving you a variety of food.  Eating time can get frustrating when you don't want to eat but hopefully we will pass this stage soon.

We transitioned you to a sippy cup around 8 months and this month you took us by surprise by deciding to start drinking out of a straw.  I love seeing your little lips pucker up while doing it.

Valentine's Day card made at daycare

We celebrated your first Valentine's day.  It is sad to think you only have two more 1st holidays to celebrate.  You also experienced your first snow!  You didn't care for how cold it made your hands.  We also took you to your first basketball game.  I think your Dada is ready to get you on the court with him soon!

You can stand up by yourself and you love to cruise around the edge of the sofa.  It is crazy to me how mobile you are and I have a feeling you are days away from walking.

Your mama is steady planning your first birthday and I am nervous about it.  Not the party part, but the fact that you will indeed be a toddler.  We love you to the moon and back and we are so happy you are ours.

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