Monday, September 29, 2014

Planting Our Roots


Ok friends,we are planting our roots!  We finally bit the bullet and we have broken ground.  About a year ago, Luke and I purchased a beautiful piece of land in the country with hopes of planting our roots there sooner than later.  It is in an awesome area, in a great school district, and it takes no time to get to town.  To say we are thrilled is an understatement.
Building a house is very overwhelming.  Add raising a newborn and my husband owning is own business to the mix too. Sigh.  We spend all of our time to the fullest and we try to get as much done in a day as possible.  Sometimes it works out.  Sometimes it doesn’t.
When we started looking at house plans, we tried our best to narrow our styles down to two styles and go from there.  Husband’s style was to build a rustic barn.  My style was to build a traditional home that would be timeless.  We met with the architect and finalized my our dream home. The day after our blueprints where finalized, we changed our mind.  It was more my style with not enough of Luke’s.  So, we’ve compromised.  We are now building OUR dream.  A perfect Farm House on the most perfect piece of property with a beautiful pond.
Before we started on a floor plan we made a list of what features we would love our home to have.                       
                                Open Floor Plan
                                Master Suite
                                3 Baths
                                Lots of Natural Light
                                Vaulted Ceiling in Great Room
                                Large Back Porch
                             At least 10 foot ceilings through entire house
                                Large kitchen with Large Island
                                4 Bedrooms
                                Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace
                                Dining Room
We decided which ones were must haves, and which ones were not.  This made it easier to cut things if need be.
Below are some inspiration for the exterior for our home.  I think the style that we chose is a good mix between the three below.
 Here are some inspiration for the interior of our home.

As of right now, the house is almost in the dry.  The brick will start this week and the roof after that.  As our the building process is progressing, I will be sharing some inspiration for each room.  I have a hard time "decorating" anything so I am relying on Pinterest and other blogs for some inspiration too.
I'm hoping to use every inch of my house and let it be as functional as possible.  If you have built a home or did a remodel, did you use every space to your advantage?  

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