Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{ griffin:4 months}

Hello Mr. Personality.  You are four months old and you are getting bigger and smarter every day. 

This month has been fun to say the least.  You are 15 pounds and 24.2 inches long.  You have doubled your birth rate which is great!

Since you found your feet last month, you are always tugging at them and are now putting them in your mouth.  Limber boy.

You are still using your voice very well, and have started doing some high pitched squealing.  I use to call you my little pterodactyl when you were first born…I think that nickname is coming back.

You are reaching for your toys and bring them to your mouth.  Heck, everything goes to your mouth these days, who am I kidding.

 You love to standing up while holding someone’s hand and you are a jumping machine.  Since you’ve started jumping you are really enjoying your time in the exersaucer.  You still have not figured out how to use your toys on it, but the jumping part is just as fun for you right now. 

Mama has been working with you on rolling over.  We practice several times a day and you have rolled over from belly to back by yourself twice!  Sadly, you haven’t done it since so maybe you will have it mastered by month 5.  You are still a drooling little boy.  Bibs are all the rage in the house and you have us using up to 4-5 a day.  That’s a lot of washing for your Mama.

You had your first dip in the pool and were not a fan at first.  (It was the dirty diaper) It didn’t take you long to get use to the water and you were laughing in no time.  Daddy and Mama loved experiencing it with you. 

You have started recognizing when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on and you always jump and smile with excitement.  Thank goodness Mickey is timeless.  Even though you love Mickey, Goofy is your guy and he makes you squeal so loud.  Or like a pterodactyl.

We can thank Daycare (and season changes) for your first cold.  Oh man was it a dozy.  The watery eyes, the runny nose, coughing, sneezing, double ear infection, you name it you had it.  Thankfully, after a round of antibiotics you were as good as new. 

You are a very predictable baby.  You love having a schedule and stick to it every day.  It is nice putting you down for a nap before you start getting fussy and you going off to dreamland in a heartbeat.  Makes for a happy Mama. 

Now let’s talk sleep.  Ha, or lack thereof.  Although you are pretty predictable during the day…night time is a different story.  Ever since you had the ear infection and cold,  Yawn.  “They” say there is a 4 month sleep regression, so hopefully you will get back into your wonderful full nights rest soon.  At least your gummy grins make up for the lack of sleep.

You have an elephant lovey that has become your favorite security “blanket”.  If you are fussy and the paci just isn’t cutting in, we put it on your face and you quickly calmed.  It is the perfect size for you to hold onto it with your arms and you smile when you see it.  Thankful, since this is a prize possession, we have two.  I don’t want to lose it or be without it so I have a backup just in case. 
This month, you got a new cousin.  Norah.  We all get to meet her next month and I know that you will be fast friends.  I also found a picture of your cousin Declan and I immediately thought it was you.  I think its funny.  

Norah Chua Hale
Declan on left  Griffin on right
I love that your personality has really been shown this month.  The squeals, the grins, and the laughs bring such a warmth into our home like nothing else.  Happy 4 months sweet boy.

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  1. What a sweetheart! He's beautiful, congratulations! I hope you guys are having a great Thursday!