Monday, August 25, 2014

Griffin:1 Month

Since I'm a tad behind (almost 4 months) I'd say its time for some monthly updates from my handsome guy.

How old?  1 month. Wow, time is flying.

Weight? 8.83 lbsAt birth he was 7lbs 3oz and dropped down to 6lbs 1oz, so we are thrilled with his gain!  Newborn clothes are a smidge too big but we know you will fill them out soon!

Sleeping patterns? At night we are up to about 2-3 hour stretches.  Mama and Daddy have learned to take shifts.

Eating schedule? We now have a more set schedule. Since Griffin has gained back the weight that he lost, we are feeding every 4 hours.   

Favorite foods? Formula!!

Likes?  The wubbanub, being held, your swing, bath time, and the white noise app.

Dislikes?  Tummy time, with a passion!! Having your diaper changed.

Favorite games/toys?  Watching yourself in the mirror. Anything that makes noise.

Milestones?  You move your head from side to side and swipe at anything in reach.

Things you do to make Mama and Dada smile?  Your "gassy" smiles are to die for and we love watching you learn new things.

Your pictures:  The good and the bad.

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