Thursday, September 26, 2013

Something Borrowed Wedding Link Up: Choosing a Date and Venue

**Disclaimer** This Post was supposed to be up last Friday.  Through blogging difficulties, it was posting on my site, but not anyone elses.  Thanks Ashley for letting me know about that.  Enjoy and I look forward to next months post!
Welcome back to this months Something Borrowed Link-up!  Last month we asked you to share your engagement story and we loved reading how your special someone proposed!  It was so awesome to read all the creative ways your men popped the question.
This month we are talking about choosing a wedding date and exploring venue options.  If you are already married, we ask you to just share the kind of ideas that you came up with, not the specific one you picked out.  We are going to be for a later date.

There aren't any rules for this link-up other than follow the topic. We're not going to try and make anyone follow our blogs (we'd love it if you did!) unless you like what we write about. We're not going to collect a dozen co-hosts and demand you follow them either. Follow us if you want to! Write about the topic for the month. Link up your post and read other posts to meet new bloggers. Simple as that!
So, now your engaged!! Congratulations!!  Now, what?  Well, when is the date?  Do you stretch out your planning and have a year long engagement or do you work your tail off and stress out to the max and plan it within months?  When deciding this you have to look and your and your Mr.'s schedules.  It all comes with what you want, no one else.  Consider the following when deciding on your perfect date.
When picking a date do you want it to be symbolic?  Could the wedding be the first time you met?  Your anniversary? Your parents or grandparents' anniversary?  If you choose a date that is meaningful to you and your groom, make sure to tell your guest about the significance in your programs.
Another one is seasons and holidays. Do you intend on having an outdoor wedding in June.  Will it be 100 degrees or more that month?  Will you be a miserable, hot, sweaty mess in your huge wedding dress and your groom in a suit?  Something to think about.  Some people have dreamed of having a Christmas or New Years wedding.  Think about how many of your guest will be out of town, or think about some of your guest will have a long weekend during those times and will be easier for travel. 
Also determine if you are set on having your wedding on a Saturday.  Some venues offer lower rates if you get married on any other day than a Saturday. 
When picking out a venue it is important to think about how many guest you want.  Some places have a smaller compasity that others. While some will hold 600+ and if you are only having 100 guest you don't want your venue to appear too open and have unused space.
Are you religious?  Do you want a traditional ceremony in your home church.  Some larger churches book their church with other events during the year so its important to get that on the books sooner than later.  Also, some more traditional churches only allow certain decorations and flowers in the sanctuary and do not want reviling dresses.  Some may want a low key beach wedding.  What if it rains?  What if you have guest that are not mobile enough to get to the ceremony location.  But, it would be amazing if the sun was shining!    
Now, how hard are you wanting to work?  Some locations do not need an ounce of decorations.  The ceremony might be in a garden full of lush flowers.  Already decorated!    You may be in a building that's a blank canvas for you to add lots of DIY decor, if that's what your in to.  A Barn wedding lends to its self.  Just grab some hay bales and call it a wedding. 
Some venues will have catering in house options and have all of your tables and chairs needed for your guest.   Is parking accommodating?  Are there any restriction at the venue that you think will take away from your special day?  
While there is no right or wrong questions you have to make sure that this special day is a day you dreamed off.  While picking a date is fairly easy, choosing a venue takes up a large portion of your planning.  There are so many different options that you can have.  Just look at the style of wedding that you and your husband to be would like and let your heart do the choosing.  You will always pick the right one!
Next month we will be talking about how to choose your wedding party and all of the how to, to picking your perfect wedding attendants.


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